How can I place an order?  

Our Order Process is very simple.

a) Select your desired products from any uk websites
b) Send us the product website link (URL)

c) We will send you a price quotation
d) If you are happy  then we will forward the order to the UK upon confirmation of your initial payment (50%)

What is the payment method?

Pay Cash:

Office: You can always pop into our office and pay cash, if it is convenient. Office address: House-3 (2nd Floor), Avenue-2, Section-11, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.

Bank Direct Deposit:

Trust Bank: Anything Anywhere LTD, Current AC: 00140210012103, Dhanmondi.

The City Bank: Anything Anywhere LTD, Current AC: 1401530333001, Gulshan-1.

DBBL: Syed Maksud Uzzaman, Saving AC: 114.151.9087, Mohakhali.


bKash Personal: Send money to - 019 7878 7575 / 019 7878 7572

bKash Merchant: (Options 3: Payment, Merchant bKash 01718523881, Enter Amount: xxxx, Reference: xxxx, Counter: 1, Pin: xxxx

How long does it take to deliver products?
It usually takes 28 days to deliver. If the product location is outside UK, then it will take 42 days.

Can we order products on sale or offer from UK websites?
You can order from any UK website and any offer, but the offer needs to stay for 2 to 5 working days so that our supplier gets enough time to purchase.  

What if the offer is gone or product sold out before Purchasing ?

If the offer is gone before purchasing, you can replace it any other products or we will refund your whole money. There will not be any charges.

What is the product return policy?

We will not be able to return any products to UK after it has been shipped as UK websites or other business do not accept return after 14/28 days. But if there is any mistake from our side, then we will come to a mutual understanding and will do whatever is best for both parties.

What is your refund policy?

If your product is lost in the customs or cargo, or it is damaged or if the wrong product comes, we can purchase it again or we will fully refund your advanced amount.

What is your charges?

We charge a flat rate against Pound as it’s easier to calculate for both of us, and we update it everyday. There might be some additional charges depending on the product and seller which will be added to the the price, like, shipping from UK seller to our supplier. When we submit any quotation all the additional charges are added, for example, Tax, Weight Charge, etc.

How much do you charge per KG?
You will be charged 50 Taka per 100 gram.

What is Taxable items?

There are certain products are taxed by Bangladesh Custom, like, mobile phones, television etc. We will included taxes with the quote we provide so you don’t have to worry about it. Please contact us if you need to know how much is the charges for specific products.

Is there any charge for home delivery?

Pickup: FREE

Inside Dhaka: 50 Taka

Outside Dhaka: 100 Taka

Same day delivery: 120 Taka

Is there any products that you don’t buy?
There are some products that are not allowed ship in the air cargo, like, flammable items. We do not purchase which is not allowed by Bangladeshi government, like, alcohol.

Can I cancel my order after confirming?
You will be able to cancel your order before it has been shipped from UK.